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"I don’t consider the books to be anti-authoritarian. But I do think it is important, if you think something is wrong, to question authority — because, you know, there are villains in real life, and they don’t always wear black capes and black hats. Sometimes they’re dressed like authority figures. And kids need to know that it’s important to question them."

Author Dav Pikley’s reaction to Captain Underpants earning the number one spot as the most frequently challenged book in America. The book has topped the most challenged books list for two years now. (via npr)

Timely, especially with the banning of certain books in Highland Park, Texas. A lot of people started pearlclutching over there.

Personally, the problem with any media - written, aural, or visual, is in the person taking it in and how their influences guide them. Generally speaking, I don’t believe in banned information unless it openly incites hate, violence, or general threats against a nation.

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ok so I’m writing the script for my graphic novel and so far I’ve writtnen 36 pages…and i’m barely halfway through….

Keep at it!


By the way: If you’re interested, Tumblr has filed some wonky comments on net neutrality with the FCC, setting out our suggestions for how they can get this right. Have a read.

If you missed our video about how you can help, it’s right here.

And if you haven’t made your voice heard already, you can do so now.  

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